We are an authorized TOVIS Gaming Monitor Service Center and warranty service provider for IGT, Bally Technologies, and Konami. We also offer technical support, genuine repair parts supplies, and 3M touch screen controller repair services.

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IGT Monitor Models

LTG-1750UR, LTG-1882SD9GT, LTG-1932UR, LTG-1932ST25, LTG-1932GTAIP, LTG-1932GTAVP, LTG-1950STUUR, LTG-1950STT25, LTG-1950ST96P, LTG-1950DTAIP, LTG-1950SGTL0, LTG-1950DTAVP, LTG-1950SGTL3, LTG-2081DT9GT, LTG-2081SG9GT, LTG-2081ST9GT, LTG-2192RC9GT, LTG-2282SD9GT, LTG-2282SG9GT, LTG-2282ST9GT, LTG-2350S39GT, LTG-2350SS9GT, LTG-3220SG9GT.

IGT CRT Monitor Models

MTG-1960XT, MTG-1971XT, MTG-1702PU, MTG-1902NS, MTG-1902PU

SUZO-HAPP Monitor Models

MTG-1901CN, MTG-2902SN, MTG-2902SEF

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